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A Guide to Pricing

The prices for restorations, retouching, enhancements, digital sketches and paintings below are a guideline only. Although each photograph is assessed and quoted individually the following guideline has been provided to allow you to get and idea of the prices range your job may fall into. Each job has different variables such as service required, damage to the photo, size, composition, paper type used, problems within the photo, framing ect. Therefore these prices here can only serve as a guide. You will be given a firm quote for your job before you place your order and before your job is started. These prices are subject to change without notice.  


Once as we quote a price we will stand by it, providing you do not change your requirements. Should you change requirements we reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly.

Please Note

Due to the increasing problem of fraud on the internet we are no longer accepting orders without a deposit of at least 50% of the quoted price. We have been trusting in the past but unfortunately our trust has been abused by unscrupulous people who want us to do work for them and then try to avoid paying for it. Therefore we have reluctantly decided that a deposit is required BEFORE we commence any job over the internet.

Restorations- Minor Damage

Minor Damage - our service includes scanning, adjustment of levels, tone, hue/saturation, contrast/brightness, removal of any minor spots or blemishes. Red eye removal, yellowing, spots, dust, scratches, slightly faded, most colour corrections.

From $30.00

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Restorations- Moderate Damage

Moderate Damage: includes small tears, creases, stains, scratches, and pen marks, small to medium spots and blemishes, tape residue on background. Heavy colour cast with minor variations Small areas of damage discoloration Moderate Colour Fading Facial Lines / Minor facial characteristics missing heavy scratching Small areas of photo significantly damaged or missing Moderate mould damage.

From $45.00

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Restorations- Severe Damage

Severe Damage: major damage to face, blemishes & spots partially or fully covering important foreground objects, cuts and tears with missing parts of image partially or fully covering important areas. Missing parts which require reconstruction. Sections may have lost so much data through fading or other damage that the restoration work requires replacement of parts from other sources.

From $65.00

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Restorations- Extreme Damage

Extreme Damage- involves some of the following; background changes, replacement of missing areas of the image, Missing parts of faces or other body parts repair of large/severe cracks, creases and stains, removal or addition of persons, or objects. Severe mould damage, water damage and other major damage.

From $120.00

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Restorations- Impossible


Contact us we will tell you if they are really impossible or not. Price depending on amount of work involved.


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