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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital restoration?

Digital photo restoration is done by scanning a photograph, correcting/fixing flaws such as rips, torn, fading, water damage, or some other damage using the latest computer software. It's commonly thought that digital photo restoration was nothing more than a click of the mouse button and the computer went to work restoring the photo. Nothing could be further from the truth. Digital photo restoration requires understanding, experience, artistic talent and a passion for making a photo look the best it can. Although we use a computer to restore your photo it is by no means a computer image, we pay attention to details you may not even notice, but if we didn't their absence would stand out. It 's the detail the makes the image and we pay attention to detail. That's why we don 't charge by the hour.

What is digital archiving?

Digital archiving is scanning any number of photographs and burning them to media such as a CD or DVD. The number of photographs that can be digitally archived depends on how large each image file is. A CD will hold fewer images than a DVD. The archives can be arranged in any manner you chose, be it by subject, location, event, year, etc. You just tell us your requirements and we'll do our best to give you what you want.

Can you repair mould and stains?

Yes. This type of damage is quite common to older photos and can be restored in most cases.

Can you replace missing pieces?

Yes we can, this often involves some artistic interpretation on our part and takes a bit more time finding the perfect part to use as a replacement.

I 'd like to combine some images can you do that?

No problem, just send us all the elements you would like to combine with your detailed instructions. We 'll contact you and advise your if your requirements are possible to meet and give you a quote.

My parent's wedding anniversary will come soon is there something creative you can do for me?

Yes we have many artistic options available to you. You just tell us what you would like and we can advise if it 's possible. If you have no idea what you want just ask us to give you some ideas. We could do a collage of memories for them or a digital sketch.

Can you sharpen a blurred picture?

Unfortunately it 's not possible to make a really badly focused photo sharp and crisp one. Having said that it is possible, in most cases, to improve the sharpness of a blurry photo to some degree but this will depend on the amout of blurring in the original.

How do you do those Digital Paintings? Is it an automatic thing Photoshop does?

No it's not an automatic process in Photoshop. Digital paintings are done in Photoshop by hand using a graphics tablet and pen. It can be quite time consuming but the result is a unique piece of digital art.

My photos are all glued into a photograph album what can I do?

That's not a problem we can scan it from the album if necessary. Just pack you album securely and send it to us.

What can I do if the photo is stuck the glass in the frame?

Most importantly do not attempt to separate the photo from the glass. This can cause further, and possibly irreparable, damage to the photo. You can send the whole thing to us we won't remove it from the glass either, unless you ask us to, and we will scan it through the glass using our professional skills. Please pack the frame securely to avoid damage. If the photo can not be removed from the frame for scanning please be aware that scanning through the glass may result is a slightly less clear result, but with our skills you may not notice the difference.

How long will it take to complete my order?

It depends on the amount of damage. A single photo with moderate damage can be completed in one or two days. We will give you an estimate of the time required when you receive your quote. The time taken often is governed by the amount of work we already have to complete before we start your order. To be safe allow two to three weeks but a lot of jobs are completed before that. Rush orders can be requested but of course we will have to charge extra for putting your job ahead of jobs we already have.

Why should I get you to copy my photos to CD or DVD?

All photographic prints, slides and negatives will deteriorate with age. Digital copies archived to CD or DVD will not. Photographs stored on CD or DVD can easily be viewed as a slide show on your computer or TV and are easily copied for family members and friends. It's a good idea to store a copy in a safe place such as a safe or bank safety deposit box.

My photo is very small, how large can it be printed?

It depends on a number of factors, but in general very small photos should not be printed larger than 4"x6" or 5"x7" for best results. But each photo is different and a larger print may be possible we can test it to see if we can print at a larger size, just ask us.

I have a photo that 's been torn into a couple of pieces. Can you fix it?

Yes in most cases we can rejoin the pieces. Please don't sticky tape them together, just lay them out on the scanner and scan them or send us the pieces, it's better for us to put the pieces together.

Can you retouch/restore from negatives?

Yes! We can scan your negative or other transparency and make the necessary corrections the same way we would a print.

Do you restore other things like certificates and memorabilia ?

Photo, slides, negatives, newspaper clippings, certificates or letters can be scanned and either reprinted or saved to CD/DVD preserving them for the future. If want something done that we don't list here please ask as we can probably do it or direct you to somebody who can.

Who owns the copyright when you work on my photos?

While we are working on your photos we retain the interlectual copyright to the work we have done. But once the job is complete and you have paid your final balance we will release the copyrite to you. We don't beleive it's right for us to keep the copyright to your photos once you have paid for them.

Tell me more about the prints you produce.

All of our work is done on a computer system using digital files, using a digital seven-colour archival printer. We can print your photos in practically any size from wallet sizes photos to large 13" x 19" prints depending on the quality of the original. If larger prints are required, please ask. Larger prints are sent out to our printing partner who has the equipment to print as large as you want. Correctly cared for and mounted behind glass with a photo matt or in a protective acid free sleeve, your prints will last a long time without fading or discolouring.

Do canvases require special care ?

Canvas prints should not be exposed to strong heat (e.g, directly above a hot radiator or heater, or fire) or excessive moisture. It is advisable to not use any chemical cleaning agents, fluids or sprays on your canvas. To remove dirt or splashes wipe very gently with a well wrung, soft damp cloth, then leave to dry. To remove dust you can use a feather duster, or a light static cleaning cloth.

I don 't have time to bring my photographs to you - what else can I do?

You can mail your photo to us or send by courier. Or if you don 't want to mail the original you can scan your images at 300/600dpi (dots per inch) for an 8x10 output. Save them image as a Jpg, Jpeg or Tiff on high quality settings either on your hard drive or a CD/DVD or flash drive. Then you can email, upload or send the file to us on CD/DVD or flash drive.

How do I scan my photo?

Set your scanner resolution to a minimum of at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) and if possible scan the image at 600 DPI. in "True Colour " & RGB modes (or the appropriate selection term for your scanner). Make sure you type a name for the image preferably using your initials in the name. e.g. smmaxine.jpg. The acceptable file types are JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TGA,PNG and PSD.See our how to section to help you with scanning your photo.

Can I send the photo instead of a scanned file?

Yes you can send the original photo to us by mail. However obviously, the turn around time for images sent through the mail can be much longer than with an electronic file.( For Our Mailing Address click here) Infact is better if we scan your photo as we have special techniques and the experience to get a good scan to reduce the amount of restoration needed.

How do I send my photo to you by mail?

Make sure you package your photo very carefully. We suggest you place your photograph between two pieces cardboard, and then tape the edges of the material so your photograph cannot slide out. Please DO NOT put any tape or adhesive on your photograph. After your photograph is secured between the sheets of cardboard place the photo & material in an envelope. Next, we suggest you place the envelope a padded envelope or suitable padded box designed for safe shipping. Write "DO NOT BEND" on it in a colour and size which will stand out.
Disclaimer - Photo Renovate takes no responsibility for damage or loss of original photographs via Australia Post or other means of transit. Making sure the package is marked clearly "Photographs Do Not Bend" and placing cardboard for support is usually all that is required to ensure safe arrival, sending registered mail oe express post is also a good idea.

My photo is precious is there any risk to the original photo?

NO, all of the work done to your photo is done digitally on a copy. Your photo is scanned and then the scanned copy is corrected. Your original is used as a reference as the work proceeds. Your original photo is never altered. The only risk is if your original is not protected properly when sent to us in the mail.Absolutely! Your photos are precious and are treated with the utmost respect and care whilst in our possession.

Is it better to send the original photo or can I send a copy by email?

It is always best to work with the original photo so that way we can scan at a very high resolution. Thus ensuring a better the digital copy for us to work with. However, excellent results can still be achieved if we are provided with a good quality scan (300-600 dpi). Save them image as a Jpg, Jpeg or Tiff on high quality settings either on your hard drive or a CD/DVD or flash drive. Then you can email, upload or send us the CD/DVD or flash drive.

How do I know how much my picture will cost?

You can look at the price guide will give you a general idea of the range your photo falls into. Click here for the Price Guide. Every photo is different and requires different attention so the price you see in the Price Guide is as it says a guide only. We will always give you a firm quote before we start your on your photo.

Can I get a quote before I order?

Yes certainly, we wouldn't have it any other way. Just send us your image. After a careful examination of you photo we'll give you a quote. When we have the ok from you and your deposit (50% or more) we will start to work on your project. Once we quote a price we will stick to it unless you change your requirements. If you're sending by mail and don't accept our quote we'll pay for postage to return your photo to you.

What is the best way to send my photo?

The fastest way to get your photo to us is to email it to us Or upload, using our file upload ont the quotation page. Please include your Full name and address and contact number, add any comments you have including your instructions.

Are some photos beyond repair?

Yes of course, some photos are too badly damaged to be repaired. But our experts can do amazing things so the best thing to do is submit it to us and we will give you an honest assessment. Most photos can be restored to a reasonable quality or better.

What I receive in my order?

Depending on how you choose to receive your finished order.
1. by download from our site — you receive the completed file.
2. By mail— you receive your original photo(s), and a print of the restoration and any additional prints you have ordered. You may also request a copy of your prints on CD or DVD.
3. If you wish, we 'll send the files to your email address. Just make sure that your email box has plenty of free space.

How do I pay?

You can pay
1 —By Credit Card through PayPal,
2 —Australian Money Orders
3 —Direct Deposit to our bank account.

Sorry we DO NOT accept personal cheques or International Money orders. PayPal handles our credit card processing which means we do not collect any credit card information.

When do I pay?

A deposit of 50% is required before we start your job, then the balance before we ship your order.

Can I order additional copies of my restored photo(s) later?

Additional copies can always be ordered at a later date. Your master image will be stored on a DVD and kept in our fire-proof safe making additional copies at a later date possible. All computer media has a "shelf life " meaning that as technology advances so does the media used to store computer files. At Photo Renovate we keep up with those changes as much as possible.

What does that mean to me?

I hear you ask. Well as we update our technology we also update our backup copies of your files so that your files are always available on the current media if you need another copy. After all it wouldn't be very good if you had a photo restored and it was saved on a floppy disk but no computer could read those disks anymore so you couldn't get a copy when you needed it. Then we would have to charge you to do the job all over again instead of just printing you a copy and charging only for a copy.

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