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Add a Person Or Object to a Photo

Did somebody miss out on being in the picture? Or maybe you don’t have a photo of your self and special person or pet? Maybe Aunt Sally was too slow and missed getting into the family portrait, we can fix that. We can add a person or object to most photos. In these examples we have added a person or people to the photo. We do our best to blend the new person or object into the photo so that they don’t look like they have just been pasted in. Not all photos are suitable to have a person or object added but most are.  

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add person

 This photo of the soccer team was reasonably good but there was one problem. The manager didn’t get in before the photo was taken. The second photo has the manager in place but unfortunately not all the players were looking at the camera. The solution was to add the manager to the first photo making the team complete.

add person

  We’ve united all three friends in the same photo.

Add Person - Sisters

 These sisters hadn’t had a photo together in many years, unfortunately they missed their chance as two have passed away. The only way to reunite the sisters was to put them in the same photo.

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